New Construction: Residential | Commercial

Many construction projects start off with good intentions, but are inevitably plagued by poorly planned contingencies, and a lack of understanding how trade interdisciplines impact project cost and time. We understand that each project is inherently different, and that an interdisciplinary approach to project management and problem solving are crucial to delivering new construction projects on time and on budget. We believe that It is not enough to just provide your client with a competitive bid; rather, it is paramount that a contractor understands her clients' time and scheduling constraints, and thereby engineer into the project's process, each trade's  impact on the other.



Renovations | Remodels

Daedalus Construction Group, Inc. can design and create your dream kitchen, incorporating all the latest trends and styles while making sure the entire process is performed smoothly, timely and on budget. Whether you are in the market to completely remodel your bathroom, kitchen, or renovate your entire home or office we can help. Take the guess out of what you want, let one of our project managers or designers work on a 3D design so as to give  you a clear image of what your final project will look like. 


Room Additions| Roofing

At Daedalus Construction, Inc., projects are planned and executed with meticulous care. Starting with our affiliate architects and engineers, the foundation for your project is laid, then highly skilled craftsmen complete the work to specification. Our clients are our partners in their projects. We keep them informed along every phase of their project's development. Our wide range of in-house expertise within our team keeps us at the forefront of new construction, remodels and renovations.


Repiping | Stucco | Concrete | Masonry | Flooring

Why a repipe is one of the best investments you can make in your home? Quite simply,  rust and corrosion builds up in pipes over time, especially if the pipes are composed of galvanized iron, low-grade copper, high-zinc yellow brass fittings or cheap plastics. This corrosion reduces water flow and eventually causes leaks to spring, which can end up damaging sub-flooring, wall insulation and most certainly will lead to skyrocketing utility costs and repair bills.